Our Services

  • 1 Strategic Fundraising Coaching
  • 2 Social Media Methodologies
  • 3 Capital Campaign Counsel
  • 4 Grant Writing
  • 5 Endowment Programming

Philanthropy for everyone

Caring about what the donor truly wants characterizes success in raising funds for any organization. Nonprofits must know why their donors value their work. Past giving guides the path to future campaigns and projects. Engaging individuals serves as a catalyst for growth and development. Answering these questions about a specific nonprofit’s mission and values creates energy. Energy around what’s possible attracts investments of time, talent and, ultimately, treasure in the programs that realize potential.

Dollars and Sense for Nonprofits guides the journey to success with donors—individuals, community groups, corporations, foundations—through research, designing cultivation plans, developing solicitations, grantwriting, board development and strategic planning. The art of engaging philanthropic investment in nonprofit mission is a long-term process. There must be value-added at each step of Dollars and Sense for Nonprofits’ relationship with a client and the client’s relationship with donors.